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Camberley Pre-School at Loyang

March 09, 2021

At Camberley Pre-School Loyang, our beautiful learning environment is highly conducive for children’s learning, play and rest. Our excellent teacher to child ratio ensure all children receive the personalised attention and care from their teachers. We are firm advocates of parent-centre partnerships and practice open communications with all parents.

Loyang Centre's highlights:

  • A complete and well-rounded English and Mandarin bilingual programme
  • Primary 1 Preparation Curriculum with focus on English and Mandarin Literacy and Numeracy
  • Afternoon Enrichment Programmes at no extra cost for Full Day Programme
  • An aesthetically pleasing environment for children’s learning, play and rest
  • Individual enclosed classrooms for each year level
  • Low teacher to student ratios for all year levels
  • Experienced degree trained and diploma trained Early Childhood teachers
  • A large outdoor play area and vegetable garden
  • Custom built Camberley Pre-School Train Station Playground
  • Water Play
  • Sand Play
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Classrooms

Address: 14 Jalan Chelagi, Singapore 509575.

Tel: 6387 7555