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Camberley Pre-School at Kovan

March 09, 2021

Our Kovan centre offers full-day and half-day childcare programmes to 18 months to 6 years’ children within an international environment. The centre’s single storey bungalow is fully air-conditioned and well-lit. The centre is set up with the careful selection of colours and natural materials and the placement of windows for natural lighting to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment for learning, play and rest.

The learning environment is carefully designed and planned such that children have quality interactions with materials, be it individually or in groups. There is emphasis on outdoor and physical activities in the Camberley programme, and children have meaningful and fun experiences with nature.

Address: 16 Flower Road, Singapore 549405

(5 minutes’ walk from Kovan MRT Station, Kovan Melody and Kovan Residences)

Tel: 8806 4598 / 6383 5025