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In conjunction with Earth Day and our SSDB project, the N2, K1 and K2 children of Camberley Preschool @ Balmoral came together in their own individual classes, to learn more about ways they can save the Earth! They came up with various practices such as turning off the lights when it is not in use or using a cup whenever they brush their teeth. The children were able to comprehend the importance of recycling and not littering our world, and even got to create little Earth sun catchers!

The children also learned facts on why we celebrate Earth Day and talked about how we can help save Mother Earth in our own simple ways such as recycling, saving water and planting more seeds. They upcycled some materials and made crafts like binoculars and a bus! Additionally, the children visited the recycling bins in the plaza and sorted rubbish according to paper, plastic and glass. Then, they expressed their appreciation for Earth by creating an Earth Day poster with the slogan “We can change the world.”