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Chinese New Year Celebration​ 2024

What better way to ring in the year of the dragon with fun and laughter! As we celebrated the joyous occasion of Chinese New Year, our children immersed themselves in cultural traditions such as the exchanging of oranges, experiencing a lohei session and the making of Chinese-themed crafts! Here’s wishing all families a dragon Lunar New Year filled with prosperity and good health. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Camberley Pre-School at Loyang

At Camberley Preschool, we provide a safe, nurturing and secure environment for our young ones. Our passion for early education is evident in every square metre of our school. Our educators are carefully selected for their experience and expertise, allowing them to deliver a holistic, compelling curriculum that will empower your child as they explore the world around them. We believe children learn best in small groups, where they can be involved in stimulating learning experiences and have ample opportunities to

Camberley Pre-School at Kovan

At Camberley Preschool Kovan, our dedicated and passionate team of teachers conscientiously develop and set up learning environment to create interest and instil a love for learning in children under our care. This nurturing and secure environment encourages our young ones to explore confidently, grow and have fun as they acquire life skills needed when they grow up.. Our excellent teacher-child ratio ensures all children receive the personalise attention and care they deserve and they can be involved in stimulating learning

Camberley Pre-School at Balmoral Plaza

At Camberley Pre-School Balmoral, our passionate team of educators, carefully curated curriculum and beautiful learning environment offer children a holistic and compelling experience, that seeks to inspire them in their early years learning. Our excellent teacher-to-child ratios ensure that all children receive the dedicated attention and care that they deserve. We are also firm advocates of parent-centre partnerships, working hand-in-hand with our parents to help all children achieve their fullest potential. Balmoral Centre’s highlights: A Reggio-inspired, inquiry-based English and Mandarin bilingual

Motor Skills Development

At Camberley Preschool, our children are exposed to a myriad of activities that support the development of both their fine and gross motor skills. Besides regular outdoor play, our preschools are equipped with their very own spacious indoor play area where children can practice their locomotor and manipulative skills through the likes of running, jumping, skipping, hopping, throwing, catching and kicking. Our children also work on their fine motor skills through classroom activities that encourage tearing, folding, cutting, threading, drawing


Developing numeracy skills early gives children a foundation for their learning and development. It prepares them for daily life, including general problem solving, measuring and developing their own spatial awareness. It also teaches them how to use and understand shapes. At Camberley Preschool, our children are introduced to numbers, shapes, patterns, size, time and measurement. These activities range from individual to small and large group activities. Learning of numeracy can also occur throughout the day, in children’s daily routines or play. 

Language and Literacy

Early language and literacy skills are learned best through everyday moments — reading books, talking, laughing, and playing together. Children learn language through verbal exchanges, and by hearing stories read and songs sung out loud. Our children are given the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions, as well as show-and-tell sessions, in order to build on their public speaking skills. They are also exposed to activities such as creative writing to develop their writing skills, to further hone them into effective and confident communicators.

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Aesthetic and creative expression teaches children how to express and share their ideas and feelings in the areas of art, music and movement. The experiences are planned to foster the development of children’s imagination and creativity through which other necessary skills are encouraged. Besides daily classroom singing, our children participate in music and movement activities and explore elements of music, body movements and musical instruments. They also get to explore with a variety of media and techniques to create artworks.

Discovery of the World

Children are little scientists and have an in-built drive for discovery. They are curious, active and competent learners who try to make sense of the world around them. Our children are encouraged to explore, experiment and inquire in order to understand and discover facts. Rather than being asked to memorize facts or learn by listening, our children are given the autonomy to manipulate materials, observe, form hypotheses and discover by themselves. This in turn widens their knowledge and lays the