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The Camberley Difference

  • Small Teacher-Child Ratio
  • Inquiry-Based Approach
  • Chinese Cultural Immersion
  • 21st Century Enrichment
  • Sustainability Leadership

Camberley Preschool was founded in 2011, offering inquiry-based preschool education for children aged 18 months to 6 years of age in Singapore…

We aim to create a learning environment where every child feels respected and supported


Camberley Pre-School offers a holistic pre-school education experience combining a child-led, inquiry approach with a thoughtfully designed thematic curriculum for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Children are immersed in a bilingual, bicultural English-Mandarin environment all day long to allow them to develop a greater appreciation and mastery of both languages. Beyond the core curriculum, children are exposed to a myriad of enrichment programme during the day that include the likes of jolly phonics, dramatic play, cookery, visual arts, creative writing etc.

At the youngest age, learning focuses on exploratory experiences, with an emphasis on stimulation through play, discovery through inquiry, quality social interactions and making meaningful connections amongst others. In the later years, the emphasis gradually shifts towards a balance of play and school- readiness.

  • 18 Months- 2

    Years old

    Our Playgroup programme focuses on multi-sensorial exploratory experiences. There is emphasis on stimulation through play, discovery through inquiry, quality interactions with the environment, and development of fine and gross motor skills through physical activities. Children are provided with ample opportunities to get acquainted with social experiences, develop their communication skills and express their thoughts and feelings through art.

  • 2 - 3

    Years old

    Our Pre-Nursery programme builds on the learning experiences of children’s earlier years, as well as their physical, cognitive and communication skills. Children learn how to better express their thoughts and emotions, as well as develop continued independence in exploring the world around them. Activities such as music and movement, speech and drama, and show and tell aid in promoting social interaction and relationship development.

  • 3 - 4

    Years old

    Our Nursery programme provides opportunities for children to exhibit and develop self-control and confidence, a sense of autonomy, as well as acquire information about the world around them through an inquiry approach. Children are systematically introduced to early literacy concepts through phonics and reading, and gain exposure on number sense through stimulating activities and games that promote their learning and development.

  • 4 - 5

    Years old

    Our Kindergarten 1 programme nurtures and fulfills children’s natural curiosities by facilitating acquisition of knowledge and skills through inquiry. In order to strengthen their academic foundation, children take the lead in their own learning and conduct projects and experiments that allow them to observe, compare, investigate, make hypotheses and discoveries. This in turn helps to develop a positive learning attitude and the honing of leadership skills.

  • 5 - 6

    Years old

    Our Kindergarten 2 programme prepares children for advanced learning by focusing on academic readiness, bilingual communication, behavioural maturity and substantial socio-emotional skills. Children express their learning through various schemas such as creative writing and art. There is also emphasis on higher thinking and learning, as well as an exceptional focus on language, math and science, in order to prepare children for their transition into Primary School.

What Parents Say

  • Camberley has a holistic curriculum that prepares children for the transition into primary school. My son, Elliot, has entered primary school seamlessly and is ahead of his peers academically. My daughter, Vera, is motivated to learn and she is very fluent in mandarin which is not a spoken or written language in our home setting. The concrete, pictorial, abstract method is applied evidently and is in line with the local school syllabus.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tan
    Parents of Vera (K1-2021) and
    Elliot (K2-2020), Camberley Kovan

  • My girl, Rianne Chau currently in K2 joined since 2019 and for this period of 2 years, there has been a visible improvement in both her interest in learning as well as initiative to revise and practise her homework without supervision.
    Her form teacher Ms Mia has been relentless in her encouragement to the students and her care and love has been felt as I can hear Rianne always mentioning her teachers fondly in school and about how she will try to learn her homework so she can earn the reward to be awarded.

    Ho Ann Nee
    Mother of Rianne Chau(K2 2021), Camberley Balmoral


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